A company inspired by nature and supported by science

Who We Are

Innovactive Ingredients brings you one of the most original and substantiated portfolio of cosmetic active ingredients in the beauty industry

Our ferment technology brings differentiated solutions to enhance functional performance and deliver esthetic benefits to help consumers to have both a younger skin and a healthy hair.

Our innovative strategy generates unique bio-ferments by including selected peptides derived from plant amino-acids into the fermentation process.

Natural added peptides play together with those active peptides produced by Bacillus in a synergistic manner to improve skin and hair condition.

A fascinating combination of natural nutrients gives the skin and hair the essential for an instant beauty, antioxidant protection, antiaging effect, barrier-care, whitening, moisturization and microbiota balance.

Fermentation is the oldest form of biotechnology and has been around the world for thousands of years.

Essentially, transforms simple raw materials into value added products by using the growth of microorganisms. It is a process by which the living cell is able to obtain energy through the breakdown of glucose and other simple sugar molecules without requiring oxygen.

Fermentation results in the production of energy in the form of two ATP molecules, and produces less energy than aerobic process of cellular respiration. So far, standard fermentation mainly produces biomass, enzymes, metabolites or recombinant products.

Now, Innovactive Ingredients add a new achievement. By a creative process, a synergism between actives from natural Bacillus ferment with added natural active peptides. Ingredient expertise is just the beginning to our story of going further together.